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in the "news of the world" hacking scandal. british police say the whistle blowing reporter who initially alleged there was widespread hacking at the "news of the world" has been found dead at his home. police say sean hor's death is not considered suspicious. this after four high-profile resignations, including scotland yard's number two, assistant commissioner john yates. >> we in the police service are truly accountable. those of us who take on the most difficult jobs clearly have to stand up and be counted when things go wrong. >> reporter: that was on the heels of his boss's resignation last night. commissioner paul stevenson, the head of scotland yard. and there have also now been at least ten arrests. the latest, rebekah brooks, the former chief executive of murdoch's british media holdings. she showed up in a prearranged appointment with police on sunday, and was subsequently held and questioned for nine hours before being released on
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bail. all of this is putting increasing pressure on the murdoch family. are you put murdoch, his son james and rebekah brooks are expected to appear before a government committee tomorrow to answer questions about the scandal. kurt gregory, nbc news. >> and there is another late development in this story. "the guardian" newspaper reports that london is examining a computer found in a bag throne into a trash can in an underground parking garage near the apartment where rebekah brooks lives. according to "the guardian" brooks' husband tried to claim the bag. they called the police. the temperature is rising and if you think it's hot now, by the end of this week, we could see temps in the triple digits. doug has a look at the conditions across our region at this hour. doug? >> yeah, right now, jim, temperatures into the low 90s across much of the region. that heat index, though, in the upper 90s, close to 100 degrees across the area this afternoon.
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let's take a look and show you what's happening outside right now. we do have high cloudiness beginning to make its way down from the north. temperatures out there right now, 91 in washington. 88 in it gaithersburg. 90 in manassas and 90 towards fredericksburg. once again, that heat index up around 96 in the district, 97 towards leesburg, fredericksburg coming in now with a heat index of 98 degrees. what can you expect for the rest of the evening? well, we do have some strong thunderstorms well back to our north and west. garrett county, maryland under a severe thunderstorm watch until later tonight. and we could see some of those move into our area overnight. but for the most part, i think we'll stay on the dry side. temperatures 85 degrees by 9:00. waking up to temperatures around 76. around 7:00 a.m. it's going to get hot. how hot? my complete forecast coming up. thank you. while we're in for higher temperatures later this week, the country's mid weeks is already boiling. staying outside too long has proved dangerous, and in some cases, deadly. chris clackum shows us how
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people are dealing with the extreme heat. >> reporter: the only thing pouring in middle america is sweat. >> we walk outside the car, and it's wet. i didn't even run yet. >> reporter: monday was another day baking in a heatwave so severe, the national weather service declared excessive heat warnings in this at least 14 states. the heat index in minnesota was around 115. and especially hard on older americans, like jack heiner. >> just the high humidity. i mean, the heat, you can deal with. but the humidity makes it hard to breathe. >> reporter: a louisiana woman, though, who had wandered too far from her nursing home recently stopped breathing. and died from suspected overexposure to the heat. >> if they don't get something done about their body heat, it will progress to the point where their blood pressure gets so low that they pass out. >> reporter: across the midwest, people without fans or air conditioners are being advised to go to shopping malls, movie theaters, libraries, anywhere to
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cool off. at a public pool in omaha, that was only possible, only after two tons of ice were dumped in to lower water temperature heated by a blazing sun. air conditioning broke down in state offices in oklahoma city on the 28th straight day of triple-digit highs there. the heatwave is taking a toll, too, on farm animals on ranches across texas. >> in these last few weeks, it's kind of coming to a head. and more of these horses are having problems. >> reporter: so are the cattle. and even household pets who, like us, need a lot more care, as long as it stays this hot. chris clackum, nbc news. >> a man who prosecutor call a dangerous professional criminal hag sentenced to a minimum of 97 years in federal prison. jason scott was victimed on 11 felony charges today, related to dozens of burglaries and home invasions in prince george's
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county. scott was also convicted on child pornography charges. he's also facing murder charges in the deaths of delores and ebony dewitt. the case is scheduled to go to trial in november. for the second time in three days, police say somebody was robbed along the metropolitan branch trail. the latest attack happened this morning in northeast d.c. a man was robbed at gunpoint while riding his bike just north of rhode island avenue. elaine reyes has details. >> i don't be out here late at night. right. but most of the time, i feel pretty safe. >> reporter: dorothy harris uses her lunch break to get a little exercise on the trail. she is just one of many regulars who say they're not going to let anything scare them off. >> and see if there is anyone behind me when i'm walking or something like that. but so far, so good. i have haven't encountered anyone hostile toward me. everyone was friendly on the trail. >> reporter: police are looking for a man who has robbed two
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commuters this morning and friday morning. investigators say in both cases, a man pulled out a gun and told the victims to put their phones and wallets on the ground. he then instructed them to keep going down the trail without looking back. there have been five other incidents of robbery and assault on the trail since may. mpd arrested a suspect in one of those cases. police say they have regular patrols along the trail since it opened, and also have two surveillance cameras dedicated to it. >> i'll think about it, now that i've, you know, heard about that. but i probably won't stop riding. >> reporter: elise young lives in college park, but works near the white house. two days a week, she commutes by bicycle on the metropolitan branch trail. >> i use it all of the time. i bike about twice a week to work. and it's a great way to get into the city. i've never felt unsafe. i always bike, i don't walk.
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i'm often at the, you know, kind of rush hour time, and i actually usually see a good amount of traffic. >> reporter: a group of nearby residents have started to patrol the trail. police tell us crime is actually down in the neighborhood alongside the trail. in northeast washington, elaine reyes, news4. >> a former prince george's county fire official is facing prison time tonight in connection with a corruption probe. his name is carl grandzo, a former fire department official who was also a partner in a company trying to build a mixed-use project near the green belt metro station. prosecutors say back in march he and two partners pleaded guilty to offering bribes and campaign contributions in exchange for feverable treatment toward their business. he could serve between two and three years in prison when he is sentenced. two political operatives, former maryland governor bob ehrlich entered not guilty pleas in connection to a robocall
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controversy. julius hen sen is accused of trying to suppress the black democratic vote in last year's elections. on election day last november, more than 100,000 calls went out to homes in baltimore city in prince george's county. they told voters to stay home because president obama and governor o'malley already won. but the polls were still open. the defendants maintain they didn't do anything illegal. >> i don't believe any evidence will show any conspiracy, any suppression, or any intentional acts that would fall within the allegations made against him. >> if convicted, he faces more than 20 years in prison. a trial date was set for late september. montgomery county could get more than $100 million to help deal with the impact of the military's base realignment and closure. the county wants to make changes to at least four intersections near the site of the new walter reed medical center in bethesda. it's part of the military's brac
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program and is expected to open september 15th. increased traffic in the area is a big concern. the department of defense is making millions of dollars available to communities that will be impacted by brac. congressman chris van holland says he expects the department of defense to explain how municipalities can apply for that money later this week. when we come back tonight on news4 at 6:00, a murder suspect is back behind bars this evening after beating the system, despite a sophisticated bracelet system. we have proof that walking in the streets of the nation's capital can be dangerous in the height of the tourist season na. we're getting a new look tonight at a stage collapse during a packed concert. ♪ happy birthday to you and today an entire nation helps to make the birthday wish of nelson mandela come true. and hakem, what's going on in sports tonight? >> jim, coming up in sports, the nfl labor stand offis inching closer to a resolution.
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the washington kastles trying to stay unbeaten in tennis and what the head coach had to say after her team, the u.s. national team, loses the world cup.
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a scary moment for thousands of people as a violent thunderstorm rolled through
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canadian music festival last night. take a look. youtube video shows the main stage at the ottawa blues fest, completely collapsing. more than a dozen people were injured, but all of them have now been released from the hospital. the rock band cheap trick was performing at the time. the band members were able to get off the stage safely. investigators are still trying to figure out just what went wrong. simply crossing the street in the nation's capital can be tricky. just today, somebody was hit and seriously hurt crossing near pennsylvania avenue and 7th street. there have been six pedestrian deaths in the district so far this year. and as tom sherwood reports, the statistics should be a wake-up call to everyone on the roads. >> reporter: even in midsummer, downtown traffic can be a dangerous maze for pedestrians and cyclists. a pedestrian was severely injured monday morning here at 7th and pennsylvania avenue. although not a fatality, police say in this heat, people and vehicles need to be extra careful. >> this time of year, you have a
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lot more pedestrians out on the streets. you have a lot of tourists in the city. you have just a lot of traffic in general. so what we want people to do is try to slow down and take caution when they're crossing these intersections. >> reporter: some pedestrians are aware. >> pedestrians should be careful in general. >> obviously. there's more traffic coming in and out of the city, so -- >> reporter: right. i'm holding you up, aren't i? >> yes, you are. >> reporter: but this man wearing a headset and hurrying across 7th street is a prime candidate for danger. somebody got hit by a car this morning right here, and they say the worst thing you can do is be listening to -- >> here i am with my headphones. >> reporter: you were running across the street, you got a bag, and you had your headphones on. so they would say that's a -- you don't pass. >> i probably -- not the safest thing to do. but i was paying attention. >> i constantly see people who jaywalk, think they can beat the light, try to get through before it turns, you know, red. and people just have to use common sense, obey the laws, cross at the crosswalks and be
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patient. >> reporter: two pedestrians were killed in 2007 here at 7th and pennsylvania when they were struck by a bus. 16 pedestrians were killed in d.c. in 2009. 14 in 2010. six so far this year. the worst year was 2007, with 25 pedestrian fatalities. tom sherwood, news4, washington. >> got to be careful out there. the other thing that worries me is all of the people i see texting. >> for sure. >> in intersections. crossing against the light. >> yep. >> don't do that. in fact, it's so hot, just stay inside. >> right. just stay inside and watch your favorite news channel. it is going to be hot out there. not just hot. we're talking about the potential for at least some of us to get close to some record numbers. records over the next couple days around 102 to 103 degrees. and, yeah, we could be close to those by the end of the week. outside right now, it is hazy, it is hot. and it is humid. the three hs in the middle of
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july. nothing new to the city of washington, d.c. but when you talk about temperatures near 100 degrees, that doesn't happen too often. we saw it three times last year, already seen it once this year. today not even close. high temperature of 93 degrees. that's typical for what we see out there this time of year. low this morning of 73. average high temperature is 89. we are currently in where our average is the highest. so this is typically the warmest time of the year here in the d.c. area. and yes, it was hot today, but just wait. it's about to get a whole lot hotter. 91 degrees out there now with a heat index of 96 degrees. not too bad in the shade. we do have a little bit of a breeze at 14 miles per hour. but right in that sunshine, that sun is very, very strong this time of year. 89 right now in martinsburg. 91 in winchester, 91 in culpeper. out towards cambridge, you've been the cooler spot toward the eastern shore, around 86 degrees there. and as far as the heat index goes, 97 right now in leavesburg, just came down to 91 in gaithersburg. 96 in la plata. and fredericksburg, i think you
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could see a heat index later this week of 115, maybe warmer than that. this is the kind of heat that we're talking about. making its way our way. doppler radar showing nothing across our area right now. but to the west, severe thunderstorm watch back into portions of western virginia. and that's all because of a big storm in western portions of maryland, rather. a big storm and a big frontal boundary making its way across our region. we are going to see hot and humid weather tomorrow. but as the front comes down, i think a pretty good chance of some strong thunderstorms tomorrow. some of them could even be severe during the afternoon. so we're going to have to watch and see exactly what this storm system and this frontal boundary will do. because i also think it could get hung up here on wednesday to give us another chance of some showers and storms. the showers and storms, though, could actually help to keep us a little bit cooler tomorrow and wednesday. but then we get into the really hot weather by thursday as high pressure really starts to take over. warm and humid, possible strong storms, mostly to the north and west overnight tonight and into the late evening hours. 85 to 90 degrees early this
6:18 pm
evening. then we'll be dropping down into the mid 70s, at least the low to mid 70s by tomorrow morning. so warm and humid, but not too bad. it is going to get a lot worse, even in the morning hours coming up later this week, too. temperatures tomorrow afternoon, look at this, sun and clouds, hot and humid. possible strong storms, as i mentioned, a few could be severe. 90 to 94 degrees. and then we start to work into the real heat. wednesday, 94. 97 on thursday with a heat index between 100 and 105. friday, 100 degrees, the heat index between 105 and 110. some areas to the south and east could be warmer than that. then on saturday, sunday, still temperature near 100 degrees on saturday. about 95 degrees coming up during the day on sunday. and i think back down to about that 90-degree mark on monday. but we have a very long stretch of temperatures above 90. the biggest threat there will be thursday, friday and saturday. that's when we're talking about that big heat index. >> the more we talk about it, the hotter it feels. >> no kidding. >> talk it up.
6:19 pm
>> so true. snow, just around the corner. does that help at all? >> maybe show some pictures of snow sometime throughout the week. >> that's a good idea. >> just to lift our spirits. thanks, doug. coming up on news4 at 6:00 tonight, a groping incidents turns the table on airport security. lawmakers in congress are making congress in the debt limit talks, but the president is still threatening to veto at least one plan. i'm julie kerry in springfield, virginia. seniors are worried the debt ceiling bill could jeopardize the
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a colorado woman has been charged with felony sexual abuse. she is accused of groping a transportation security agent of the 61-year-old yukari muhami allegedly grabbed an an agent's breast at the phoenix international airport. the tsa says she refused to go through screening and started arguing with the agents and then allegedly started groping one of them. she admits to grabbing the agent. a facebook page supporting mihami has already got at least 900 followers. well, there are just two weeks now until the government hits the debt ceiling. previously authorized by congress. there is no deal in place to prevent the government from hitting the debt limit.
6:23 pm
and congress is voting on measures that have very little chance of passing. yet president obama says he is optimistic. steve handlesman reports. >> reporter: he still wants a big budget agreement to avoid default, and president obama today was upbeat. >> any progress? >> we're making progress. >> reporter: making progress. his treasury secretary agreed. >> absolutely. you know, despite what you hear, and this is a complicated place, washington. people are moving closer together. >> reporter: but to emphasize their differences with democrats, republicans this week want to pass a balanced budget amendment and spending cuts without tax hikes. president obama vowed a veto. frustrating conservatives. >> all we ask for is we balance our budget. for the president to suggest that balancing our budget is not common ground does provide  clarity. >> reporter: u.s. stock markets dropped. gold rose, a sign investors feel default is possible. billionaire warren buffett sent washington a message.
6:24 pm
>> why stick a gun to your head and say, well, there's only a bullet in one of the six chambers, so i'll spin it and pull it and probably it won't happen. you're running a totally unnecessary risk. and you're sending a signal to the rest of the world that we really can't think ahead in this country. >> reporter: we're not as bad off as greece, facing likely default. taxi drivers today protested huge government cutbacks, like in portugal, and ireland. >> the lesson for u.s. politicians is they should look at greece, they should look at ireland, they should look at portugal, as crystal balls. something that's telling them what our future could look like if they do not curtail our spending. >> reporter: the u.s. debt clock is counting down to august 2nd. there is a backup plan to let the president hike the debt ceiling. but that would mean no big plan, no significant move, maybe until 2013, to get us out of the red. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. as steve mentioned, stocks did take a hit today on continued worries about the debt. the dow lost more than 94
6:25 pm
points, closing at 12,385. the nasdaq slid about 24 points, and the s&p 500 lost about 10 to close at 1305. coming up on news4, flames could be seen for miles in the d.c. night skyline, while some prized possessions burned beyond repair. a man accused of murdering a vietnam veteran escaped from custody. now we're learning how this could have happened. a big warning for drivers as part of i-95 is about to shut down. and an historic journey comes to an end with a handshake and a hug at the international space station. coming up in sports, the nationals blow a four-run lead against the braves. plus, why kastles' coach murphy jensen believes pressure is a good thing for his undefeated team.
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we are just about two weeks from the day the federal government will hit the debt ceiling. previously authorized by congress. and there are no indications that a deal for a new debt limit is on the horizon. however, president obama told reporters today there has been some progress. police are warning bikers and joggers to be careful on the metropolitan branch trail. this morning, a man was robbed at gunpoint while riding his bike on the trail in northeast d.c. and there have been six similar incidents on that same trail in the past couple of months. much of the country is feeling the heat. the national weather service is has issued heat advisories in more than a dozen states now. so far, the high temperatures are responsible for at least one death in louisiana. high indexes in places like minnesota are in the triple digits now. we're learning some new daels about exactly how a murder suspect was able to escape custody from d.c. superior court last friday. >> james brewer was at large for 23 hours before he turned himself in.
6:30 pm
he was back at the courthouse today, and pat collins has more on just how that suspect got away. >> reporter: he had dreadlocks when he was arrested. now he sports a shorter cut, like the one in this old photo. murder suspect james brewer back behind bars after a tricky escape here at superior court. the murder. june 27th, solomon reese, a 71-year-old retired vietnam veteran, robbed, shot and killed in the doorway of his eighth-floor apartment in southeast. charged in that murder, 24-year-old james brewer. he was picked up and brought to superior court, and put in the cell block to await an appearance before a judge. now, on any given day, at superior court, in the cell block, there can be scores of defendants there. so they devised a sophisticated
6:31 pm
bracelet system to keep things straight. a former cell mate allowed me to use his bracelet to demonstrate. every time people get locked up and brought to court, they put this bracelet on their wrist, and the bracelet has their pictures and information on it. so when they're brought into court, they know they have the right person. >> right. >> reporter: normally, that works. last friday, it didn't. according to court documents, brewer escaped by switching his identification bracelet with a defendant who was picked up on a misdemeanor offense. so they say brewer posed as the misdemeanor defendant, got released on personal bond, and simply walked away. i guess nobody took a close look at that picture on that bracelet. brewer.
6:32 pm
he wasn't out for long. he escaped friday. saturday, with his lawyer, and the short haircut, he turned himself in. james brewer, held without bond on the murder charge. held without bond on the escape charge. and this time, you can be sure they're going to keep him. i'm pat collins. news4 washington. police are looking for the man responsible for a shooting that shut down martin luther king jr. avenue in southeast this afternoon. witnesses say it started with two men wrestling outs of a pizza shop in the 2900 block of mlk avenue. one of the men reportedly pulled a gun and shot the other guy in the side. the victim stumbled into a nearby barber shop to call for help. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. investigators are trying to figure out what sparked an overnight fire at a marina in southeast d.c. the blaze broke out just before 3:00 this morning at the
6:33 pm
washington yacht club. when firefighters got there, they found four boats engulfeded in flames and smoke. it took about 60 firefighters on land and in boats to get everything under control. fire officials say there was about $1 million in damage done here. they believe the fire was an accident. as we reported earlier, there is still no deal on the debt limit showdown up on capitol hill. and that has some seniors in northern virginia on edge. because many programs impacting aging americans could take a big hit. julie kerry reports from springfield. >> we are also -- >> reporter: there was no scream organize shouting at this town hall meeting for seniors at this retirement community in springfield. the questions were measured and polite. >> why this keeps -- social security keeps being referred to, even by president obama, as an entitlement program. i paid into social security since i was 12 years old. >> reporter: but ask these seniors if they're worried about the current standoff on capitol hill, and whether medicare,
6:34 pm
medicaid and social security hang in the balance, and you get answers like this. >> i'm very concerned and also very angry that there are individuals in congress who are more concerned about their own political future and making their own mark rather than the welfare of the country. >> reporter: republicans accused democrats of trying to frighten seniors by mischaracterizing their budget-cutting plans. democratic congressman gerry connolly insists the fear is founded. he just sent this mailing to 140,000 constituents declaring medicare is at risk. virginia's aarp director says seniors are caught in the middle. >> if you're going to threaten people's sense that social security will pay the full benefit, and if you have people worried that some of the costs of medicare that are hard to pay right now, more of those are going to get shifted to them. you have a lot of seniors who are very concerned. and they don't know who to believe. >> reporter: green spring village, though, is an affluent retirement community and these seniors acknowledge they are far better off than their
6:35 pm
counterparts. still, they worry how cuts will affect other seniors, and even their children and grandchildren. >> what about my children? my grandchildren? what are they going to face? when they grow up? if social security is going to be cut, i think our country is in dire straits right now. >> reporter: still, these seniors hold out hope for a compromise on capitol hill. they have seen it before. >> i have infinite hope in congress. >> reporter: in springfield, virginia, julie kerry, news4. a repaving project on i-95 in maryland will mean delays for drivers headed north. a maryland state highway administration says one or two lanes of southbound 95 between exits 29 and 33 will be closed. the three-week project will begin this sunday. the closures will impact one lane, beginning at 7:00 p.m. on weeknights. then by 11:00 at night, a second lane would close. both would reopen by 6:00 the next morning.
6:36 pm
drivers are being told to reconsider alternate routes, including the bw parkway or columbia pike. busboys and poets restaurant is boosting the arts district in hyattsville, maryland. the restaurant is part of a long list of new places to eat shop and hang out east of route 1. the bulldozers and construction crews are a welcome sight to residents who have long been promised the retail area. the arts district is a group of business and residential properties, including more than 400 homes off baltimore avenue. this is busboys and poets' first location in maryland, and it has two locations already in the district. big things happening there. coming up on news4 at 6:00 tonight, the countdown to the end of an era for nasa. >> a family reunion between a mother and son took more than three decades to happen. thost: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more
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and welcome back, everybody. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer, right here in storm center 4 on a very warm and humid afternoon. but it is going to get downright hot over the next couple of days. current temperature, 91 degrees. that heat index coming in at 96. this is typical of what we see in the middle portions of july. so nothing out of the ordinary today. overnight tonight, down to 74 in washington, 72 in manassas, slight chance of a shower, maybe a couple thunderstorms in parts of the area overnight tonight.
6:40 pm
most of us should remain on the dry side. better chance of storms during the day tomorrow. we'll see a high temperature near 93 degrees, another hot and humid day tomorrow. but then it gets even hotter. high temperatures close to 100 degrees by the time we end the week. we'll talk more about that coming up in just a few more minutes. jim? >> all right. thank you, doug. an historic goodbye for the "atlantis" shuttle crew this morning. they said farewell to the international space station's crew before sealing their hatches. "atlantis" commander chris ferguson left behind an american flag, which flew aboard the first shuttle mission back in 1981. the return will end three decades of the shuttle program. "atlantis" will undock early tomorrow morning and return to florida early thursday. a man from damascus, maryland will be one of the lucky people to watch the final reentry. ching yao yu is one of 50 people who have been invited to florida
6:41 pm
by nasa on twitter. and you were giving me a hard time for tweeting during the commercial break. >> you were tweeting about this very broadcast. >> right. >> probably. i'm just wondering if it's weird to hug somebody in zero gravity. you get kind of propelled into the -- more than you might have intended to. hey, hakem is having a good time this afternoon. he's live at -- down the waterfront with the washington kastles. how is it going, hakem? >> hello, dorene, yeah, basking in the sun, enjoying the nice breeze it at the wharf stadiums as the kastles try to bring their win streak to 11 games. the nfl working to end the lockout. and how the braves stung the nationals in the bottom of the ninth. news4 at 6:0
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6:44 pm
a young mother put her child up for adoption more than 30 years ago. but she never put him out of her heart. birth s later, a man went on a mother, and he didn't have to go very far to find her. derrick ward has the special d.c. reunion. >> reporter: ann sullivan was a young college student on a scholarship three decades ago when she got pregnant. she made a difficult choice to give up her child for adoption. >> it was really hard, so i spent most of my days alone in my little apartment until it was time to deliver. and i would just put my arms around my belly and talk to him. >> reporter: through the years, that would follow, damon davis would grow up happy and well adjusted in his home.
6:45 pm
he had a son, seth. but there was a longing that grew as time passed. he needed to know his birth mother. he knew the answer could be tricky. >> you have no idea what they have been up to, what they're looking for from you, what they're expecting from you. >> reporter: likewise, ann sullivan wondered what had become of the child she had carried, but never known. >> as the person who placed him in adoption, i thought, oh my god, maybe he won't forgive me for that. >> reporter: but forgiveness was there, and damon was already looking for her. he consulted with social service authorities, got the information and was ready to reach out to the biological mother he had never known. he didn't have to reach far. the ironies associated with this story are remarkable. first of all, she worked here at lafont plaza. he worked a short distance away on capitol hill. also, they had both gone to the same grad school at different times. they didn't live far apart, and they shopped at the same mall. so much in common, yet so little that needed to be said at that first face-to-face meeting. >> there was not a word spoken, and we just literally fell into each other's arms and embraced and cried.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: since then, there's been plenty to talk and write about between mother and son. and an eerie yet beautiful irony. remember how she says she would talk to her unborn child? >> some of the things i said to him, he actually wrote to me in the letter that he wrote to introduce himself. so it was amazing. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. >> what a story. >> yeah, great story. time to talk a little tennis. the kastles, we say, are cooking. they are on fire. but how warm is it down there on the waterfront, hakem, tonight? >> you know, it's -- i don't do weather. i'm going to say that doug kammerer will give you that information. i think it's probably in the 90s. it's nice and cool, though, because of the breeze here at the wharf. but a beautiful night for tennis here at kastles stadium. and the kastles will try to remain perfect tonight, try to go to 11 and 0, hosting sacramento. but first, we start with the nfl. day 125 of the lockout. but all signs pointing to a deal getting done this week. today, the league sent a memo to all 3 2 teams, instructing
6:47 pm
executives to be at thursday's owner's meeting in atlanta in order to get a deal done and agree and vote on a collective bargaining agreement. now, today both sides did not meet face-to-face. the owners' lawyers are in new york while executive members of the players' association are here in d.c. and will meet through tuesday. according to an espn report, nfl commissioner roger goodell will do whatever is necessary, including traveling to washington to meet with the players' association. here now is nfl p.a. executive george atalla. >> we do plan to have players here tomorrow and wednesday. and, again, with the hope they can have is something to look at to move forward on the settlement. i mean, as far as the optimistic thing goes, nobody cheers for you at mile 25 of a marathon. you have to actually cross the finish line. and there's still things that could get you tripped up. so we're just going to push through and try and finish
6:48 pm
strong. >> reporter: now, if the owners do ratify a deal on thursday, the players can begin arriving at team facilities on friday. now, here at kastles stadium tonight, washington's professional tennis team is refusing to lose. they remain unbeaten, 10 and 0, trying to remain unbeaten tonight and go to 11 and 0 against sacramento. and i'll tell you what, the kastles have been impressive. several times they have rallied back to win a match, including the match last week against john mcenroe. washington clinkched conference over the weekend. and with four games left, the kastles are attempting to become just the second slot in world team tennis history to complete a perfect regular season. coach murphy jensen and his team just having a good old time right now. >> got a team that when other teams come to play us, they're asking us to give them one. and, you know, what do you say to that? no, thank you? i mean, we've got a sold-out house again. that expects a really high-quality of tennis.
6:49 pm
and they're now expecting us to win every night, which is a little bit of pressure on me and a little bit of pressure on the players. but like i said all along, you know, the d.c. community eats pressure for breakfast. >> oh, murphy jensen says it perfect, trying to go to 11 and 0 tonight against sacramento. hey, tweet this. the world cup final between the u.s. and japan set a twitter record. nearly 7,200 tweets per second. jim handly, dorene, i think you guys were a part of that group, right? you were tweeting. >> maybe handly was. >> we were doing some shoutouts. we know you were. >> i was watching. >> i was watching, i was twit r twitter-free at my house. >> this is pretty cool. this is something to be proud. washington, d.c. earned the fourth highest television rating in the country. now, baltimore was first. and what a game it was. let's go to frankfurt, germany. cheney did not return for the second half. so in comes 22-year-old alex morgan.
6:50 pm
69th minute, no score. megan sends the long ball, the youngest player makes a great move and rips it past japan. u.s. up 1-nil. the u.s. women's national team had never lost a world cup match when scoring first. tied at 1. in extra time. morgan with the ball again here. top of your screen. sends it into the box for abbey wambach, and she heads it in. wambach coming up clutch. u.s. takes a 2-1 lead, her 13th career world cup score in history. and sawa, their hero scores the equalizer, her fifth of this world cup, ties the game at 2. we go to penalty kicks. the u.s. already missed one. here is carley lloyd and it's high. she can't believe it. so now hope solo needing to make this save to keep the u.s. alive. sake, a 20-year-old defender, rips it past solo and that's it, japan defeats the u.s. on penalty kicks to win its first world cup championship.
6:51 pm
the u.s. shaking hands with the japan players. class move there. here's what the coach and hope solo had to say after the match. >> we couldn't put away our chances. we created a lot of chances in the fir half and, you know, it's a final. small difference between winning and losing. >> we lost to a great team. we really did. japan is a team that i've always had so much respect for. and i truly believe that something bigger was pulling for this team. and as much as i've always wanted this, if there is any team i can give it to, it would be japan. so i'm happy for them and they do deserve it. >> a heartbreaking loss for the united states, for sure. >> but they definitely showed class over in germany yesterday in the world cup final. talking baseball now. the nationals start a three-game series tonight in houston. and jerry hairston will be available. he had been on the d.l. with a broken wrist. yesterday and over the weekend, the nationals lost two of three against the braves, including yesterday's loss in the bottom of the ninth. here's how it went down. we pick it up in the top of the
6:52 pm
third. nats trail 2-0. roger bernadina facing jerj engines, drives it to the gap, and hustling around the bases, trying to score. here comes the relay. and gorz zs alani. and here comes bernadina. nats tie the game at 2. would not return. listed as day to day. the nats would take a 6-2 lead. but bottom nine we go. freedy freeman up with two on and two outs. and ouch is right. he delivers facing ryan matthews, rips one to right. here comes martin prado, scores the game-winning run. the nats lose 9-8 on a walkoff single. their record is now 47 and 48. now back here at the wharf stadium, kastles going for 11 and 0. pretty cool tonight. playing sacramento would be sweet if they could go to 11 and 0 on the season. back to you guys. >> we think you would be cooler if you would go up higher in the stands, hakem.
6:53 pm
>> maybe so. >> all right. we'll see you later. coming up, nelson mandela's birthday wish comes true. and for all your news, be sure to follow news4 online. search nbc washington on facebook and twitter.
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6:56 pm
today marks the 93rd birthday of nelson mandela. millions of people in south africa came together today to honor their beloved former president. they sang happy birthday, and then they fulfilled a request from mandela himself. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: at precisely five minutes past 8:00 -- >> nelson mandela. ♪ nelson mandela >> reporter: 12 million people sang for nelson mandela. ♪ happy birthday >> reporter: the chorus, across
6:57 pm
the country. to the father of modern south africa. on the eve of his 93rd birthday, he had cake with his family. but he made it clear that his real want was for people in the country to carry out one simple act. to help their community. and people have responded to his request. painting walls, doing small tasks. a birthday wish granted. >> oh, great. >> reporter: many times over. >> we are so blessed to have him in our lives and as a couny, and we give a little of our time to give back to the community. we're just painting flowers on a wall, but they'll make such a difference for the kids here tomorrow. >> reporter: projects just like this one, right around south africa demonstrate the enduring power of nelson mandela. these painted walls will go to form a very small part of his growing legacy. and he'll be delighted by the
6:58 pm
response, according to his grandson. >> definitely, definitely. he still reads the papers, all six of them. he still watches the news quite keenly in the evening. so i think it will make him quite happy when he sees the activities, you know, around nelson mandela day. >> we love you! >> reporter: and he has, once again, for a few moments managed to bring a divided nation a little closer together. itv news, johannesburg. coming up tonight on news4 at 11:00, a swift and surprising end to border's books. we'll tell what you a court filing today will mean for employees across the washington area, and when liquidation sales may begin. also, a police chase along the bw parkway ends inside a clothing store in a local mall. and how a congressman and his grandson fought off an intruder inside their home. all at 11:00. and a look at the next
6:59 pm
couple days. it's n it's n it's not going to get hot. 110 degrees. some areas could be warmer. tomorrow and wednesday, we do have a chance for storms. i think the best chance will be tomorrow afternoon. some of those storms could be strong, maybe severe, before the heat really sets in thursday, friday and then into the weekend, as well. >> oh, my. thank you, doug. an israeli design student says she has come up with a way for shoe-lovers to wear a different pair every day. her name is sharon golan. she calls her shoes shell 256, a collection of 16 modular shoe components that can be combined different ways to create 256 different pairs of shoes. the components are made from recycled they wero plastic sheets. the places held in place by rubber bands. she says she can put on a shoe in 30 seconds. she did not say anything about the comfort level of shoes made of plastic held together with rubber bands.

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